Basic editing of your favorites is included with every shoot!

Separate projects starting at just $14.99 per set of 3 images

Image Fix

Life isn't perfect, but your images WILL be!

From "Photoshop'ing" blemishes, whitening teeth and eyes, adding eyelashes, to taking off those 10lbs the camera added, taming hair fly-aways, and background swapping, we can enhance your image so that you feel it is the best representation of yourself or your business. We all like to see ourselves in our best light and sometimes 18+ Megapixels/HD can be unforgiving, but necessary for high quality visuals. You pick out the pose or facial expression from your photos that you like the best and just let us know what would make it perfect or we can make suggestions based on similar projects we've handled for others! Basic editing of skin, teeth, and eyes is included on your top selections with any of our photo sessions. If you have not shot with us, but need an image enhanced, here is a basic guideline to help give you an idea of what we can do for you.