Personal Graphic Design

Ensure your next party event has a GREAT turnout, make your flyers personal, eye catching, and memorable! Contact us for package pricing when combining your flyer design WITH photography coverage.

 Social media network
cover image or background
Facebook, Twitter, Google+
(or other) cover image or
main background
SALE 44.99!
Up to 5x7 (or Approximate Size)
Party Invites, Thank-You Cards,
"We're Moving" Post Cards, etc.
 front only ( 39.99 )

5x7 - Full Page (8.5x11)
Visual Resumes, Yearbook Layouts, Programs, etc.
Full Page Spread Magazine ad style,
streamlined/modern, image-driven,
Not content heavy
Full Page Spread
Content Heavy style, Articles/Stories,
Multiple products/text areas,
Content Heavy

All graphic pricing includes:

3-4 proofs for all single page or panel layouts*

3 text/element revision sessions, further adjustments are just 
14.99/editing session/proof

Multiple filetypes delivered for any type of commercial print run
*2-3 Proofs for all fold-able layouts or multi-page/panel layouts