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Have you been on the lookout for the rapid, safest and easiest way to feel better and look better? A  Apple Cider Vinegar Detox will provide you the right way to go about it. A three day detoxing diet is a fantastic way to quickly clean out your system without committing to a long term diet change. Diet plans that go for any longer than a few days are very hard to stick to, but if you know in your mind, that you must only stick to it for three days then amazingly it becomes more of a pleasure than a obligation. Actually the overall plan is enormously simple and very easy to execute. There are several styles of this diet and it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your tastes and way of living. However, you must stick to the exact d...

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So after trying every mask on the market and mashing different pantry items together found on various blogs, here's what worked best for oily skin imho.

Combine the following into a small bowl (keep 2 little containers handy for storage). The more simplified, raw/organic/pure your ingredients are, the better, remember--your skin is the largest organ of the body!

1 egg free of hormones, etc.
1tblspn honey
1tblspn greek plain yogurt
1tspn baking soda
1tspn ground cinnamon

#Because science! The proteins from the egg and yogurt heal, reduce redness, and moisturize with the honey which also has anti-bacterial properties. The cinnamon is an antibacterial and helps remove dead skin with the baking soda which is gentle and bala...

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1. Boosts Your Immune System

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds. They’re high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function. Potassium also helps control blood pressure.

2. Hydrates Your Lymph System

This cup of goodness helps start the day on a hydrated note, which helps prevent dehydration (obviously) and adrenal fatigue. When your body is dehydrated, or deeply dehydrated (adrenal fatigue) it can’t perform all of it’s proper functions, which leads to toxic buildup, stress, constipation, and the list goes on. Your adrenals happen to be two small glands that sit on top of your kidneys, and along with your thyroid, create energy. They also secrete important hormones, including aldosterone. Aldos...

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Headshots are Hollywood's business cards, and if you're looking to land a part, your photo better be near perfect. (For the role you're submitting for, at least.) Headshots have transitioned out of their black and white roots, and getting the perfect makeup look for them isn't black and white, either.

MAC Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan   breaks down the difference between "natural" and "light" makeup, the mistakes most actors (and even business professionals) make, and what makes your portrait look human — not like a painting. Whether you're trying to make it in Hollywood or just looking to spruce up your online dating profile, these tips will help you look better before you pose in front of the lens.

This isn't a m...

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Editor, Cooking Light

I sifted through more than 10,000 pictures by my friend, the photographer   George Lange , to make our book   The Unforgettable Photograph   , a manual for everyday shooters that we intentionally made almost totally non-technical. This is a book of ideas and behavior. My goal was to produce a book that would be as useful for iPhone photographers as it is for people who buy point-and-shoots or expensive DSLRs (George uses all of them).

For years I'd ben alienated by photo advice books: compilations of dry basement-geek obsessions with gear, pixels, lenses and such.

Then I met Geo...